Clone Overview and UI

Maybe I just can’t find it, but other than some obscure %appdata% copy and paste that may or may not work properly I haven’t seen any option to copy the UI window positions.

I often play different computers (Laptop when on the go, PC in the living-room, PC in my office), I have 3 characters right now and I’m finding it terribly difficult to get a good UI setup synchronized across the characters and computers.

Is there a quick way to transfer window positions from one computer to another OR from one character to another? A nice little export all option maybe?

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No, you have to use the copy and paste option.

This would be a nice QOL improvement.

Yeah, and not too difficult with the "new"launcher, just another drop down menu somewhere with Synchronize/Export/Import. Doesn’t have to be stored online tho that would be another value add.

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