Clone ships

serious question, i know we have ships which can specifically fit things like clone vats such as the rorqual and titan, however why do we not have subcap versions of these, like why can’t frieghters, orcas and hell maybe even other ships be allowed to fit these modules, one issue with eve is that its too big, so having jump clones installed in ships would be massively more convenient for players to do certain operations.

just a thought, would be kinda cool to see stuff like that, especially for the warclones when they come back. jump straight to the battle.

Junp straight into battle with what? You will still need a hangar somewhere with fit and rigged ships ready to go

allow it on Bowhead

its more a case of helping people place clones for operations, weather its ESS, Mining or Deployments, you could schedule an op where people hook up their clones to the ship and that pilot moves the ship, everyone then jumps to it and sets a clone in a near by station, there would be markets around to buy things OR logistics groups can move your stuff for you, moving clones around like that, would be awesome.

Ooh I do like that actually. It would be a very useful tool for sure

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