Transportable Clones

It’s long overdue. Let us transport clones as an in-game item.

Lets say the cloning interface will get an “extract clone” button which will produce “Transportable Clone Pod” with some volume (2 000m3 or 60 000m3) with all implants inside.

It can then be installed on another facility with “install” button, that will consume the pod and install it as a normal clone.

Installation and extraction can be subject to pricing.
It would be a great way to transfer clones, or stock ones you don’t need right now.

sounds genius… but it makes jump clone useless

It makes limiting clones mb useless, but you can add some timer to jump clone installation )


For a player that keeps a pve clone and a mining / industrial clone in the same area, wanting to move locations to a new base of operations, this isn’t too bad of an idea in my mind - it would allow the player to move all of their clones in a single trip assuming that they are in the same general area, without requiring them to fly out to the new location, jump clone back, fly the next clone out to the new location, and repeat for however many clones that they happen to be moving (likely just the 2 however)

CCP could add a fee and/or a clone jump timer (to re-prepare the clone for reception of your conscience) if necessary to be more balanced.

I like this idea, in my humble opinion if the approach were that you couldn’t install a jump clone unless you had an actual clone to put in that station, it would make a lot more sense.
it also means have clone blanks on the market would be essential, if you then factor in jump clone cool down timers it makes the idea of jumping all over the place easily with a quick death clone back home still do-able but a lot less convenient as sometimes the jump might not be cost effective for you.

this would mean having to pick and choose when to JC and when not too, are you better off doing what you’re doing, or can you afford it.

if it were a case of clones were seeded by CCP in high sec, it would give people a good reason to trade with other groups in game, resource ore for resource clones. depending on availability.

as an example, if 100 clones = 1 million ISK (10k per clone) and had a low M3 it would be quite affordable for players to have a stash of clones this might help clear up a bunch of stuff in the game where you don’t keep your stuff scattered around the universe because its better to have it where you clone is, sure you can dock and get it but its no good when you jump clone and have to scurry around grabbing bits and bobs from a few jumps over here and there.

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