CCPlease, let me put a clone in a vat tank, and transport it

I wish I could consolidate all of my clones into one station, manually, by putting the clone with all of it’s implants into a specialized transport tank that I can then throw into my blockade runner and move to a station with a clone service, where it can then be installed for the usual 900k isk fee.

It’s wild that the only way I can move clones around is by waiting for the JC cooldown or manually piloting to the clones’ stations and then station JC’ing over to them. It’s such an unintuitive gameplay loop that makes no sense in a universe where we have ships full of warclones being transported to battlefields for Vanguard, and where clone vats can be installed into Rorquals.

I’m not asking for anything super fancy. Just let me move my physical clone. Make it so I cannot contract or sell it. If I lose it, I lose it. It can count as two pod kills.

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If anything, I would like to transport my clones further apart. Still good gameplay to me if you want to risk transporting a clone anywhere.