Jump Clone Courier Contracts

Simple (I think). I don’t want to spend time traveling to place jump clones in far away lands. I want to pay someone to do it for me.

Allow jump clones to be moved via the courier contract system just like any item in the game.


I have wished many times that I could “mail” my pod somehow, this would work.

I’m pretty sure this is a thinly veiled “give me a way to move my high grade clone out of nullsec without having to join a group that lives there” want post by the OP.

What difference is it if it is a clone, ship or other game item? Why treat a clone different than everyother game item.

If there is resistance to couriering an expensive clone then make it so that it destroys the implants when moved.

Because clones can fly ships when active, so a player could use this to bypass jump fatigue in a capital, by using several of their characters and putting the jump clones in courier contracts that are taken in a capital/super/titan.

Would that be a problem?
When you can put collateral in like in regular courier contracts, the courier might take quite some risk. It also can create nice killmails.

But there would be limited locations because both stations/citadels would need active clone bays.

I like certainly the idea.

Oh, good point. We would need an reactivation delay of some sorts for transportet clones to prevent that.

Aren’t there clone bays in capital ships already? Can’t you fly a capital ship full of clones and ships in a sort of mini-citadel type role?

If you can put a clone in a capital ship and fly it around why not be able to offload it?

I have zero experiance with capital mechanics.

If the courier is destroyed it counts as a pod kill for the clones.

The courier ship has to have a clone bay.

The courier ship cannot cross the HS/LS boundary. In other words you cannot take a clone from HS to LS or from LS to HS.

There is a fixed cost of 5 million to transfer the clone to the new station.

While hauling a clone contract the clone bay of the ship cannot be used for any other purpose.


Sounds fine by me.

You say that, but you understand that there are exactly two ship classes in the game that can fit clone bays, right? And that they’re active modules that cause the ships to lose tether? Titans and Rorquals.

New ship idea. Solely for clone transport. High jump fatiuge cost. Kind of small. Can be fit either for tank or expanded clone transport. Somewhat weak without tank fit. Separate KM for each clone carried. Great gank targets and causes people to work together for safety.

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Clone transport ship or add it as a bay on an existing transport ship?


Reminds me of this old post.


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