Close Please

we’re all still here!

Would love to bid on cable uta if he’s coming back up for sale!

He will be when I’m done stripping assets from his cold dead hands!

Feel free to bid anyway will just save it.

Fair enough :slight_smile:
Will start at 135b

Any updates?

All but EmAyTeeAitchEyeAyEss should be completed (dunno why that one is not)

Char recieved

many thanks

Up up and away

Hi Has Monarc or Thaddeus been sold yet ?

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not yet

35b for Thaddeus

42b b/o for Thaddeus Renatus

Isk ready Terms agreed to in game

ill give 37 for thaddeus if it doesn’t go through

I accept your 42b offer send isk & dets and we shall get started

I will go in as sub, same 42b if it doesn’t go through

Isk and account info sent in game

Recieved, Transfer has been initiated with PLEX

Mav Ambraelle 40 bil

42b for Mav, I am interested in quick purchase :slight_smile: