Close Please

Greetings Space Friends,

Would you like to know what the new moons have to offer you or your corporation ? Well never fear Moon Probes are ready to probe your region right now.

Today we offer up for sale Region Wide Moon Probing. We are just 4 guys that have spent the past two days working 12-15 hours a day probing down 9 different regions for clients. Now that our contract is up we are now free to continue with our probing for the general public. For pricing please contact me via forums and we can start today.

Regions that have been probed and information for sale.

The Spire = 3241 moons
Outer Passage = 4121 moons
Perrigen Falls = 4360 moons
Vale of the Silent = 4980 moons
Tenal = 2508 moons
Branch = 3698 moons
Venal = 4274 moons
Tribute = 2737 moons Will sell in part or bulk information

             For any other Region Please contact me via forums. Any regions can be done in one day.

Cheers and fly Safe

ingame mail not work :frowning:

Sorry PhobosOrto , am logged in now am busy probing on other toons :slight_smile: but in game mail is now working.

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