Close Please

All sold.

W-634’s Omni Track Enhancer
W-634’s FSUs
How much?

13.5 each on FSU. 1bil under Jita on each.

5 on Omni, 500 under jita

How much for the chelm’s modified large emp smartbomb?

17.5, around 2 less than jita.

The draclira’s has identical stats and is only 17.8b in jita. Would you be willing to consider a reduction or is your price firm?

yer the idea is was the cheapest in its meta level. so 17.5 :slight_smile:

up to the top…

bump to the top

please buy my mods.

how much for both?

mailed in game

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bumpety bump

to the top, make an offer! can to move to hi-sec if needed.

2x W-634’s DDA
Price and can be moved to Jita 4-4?

Can move yes. Average for last year is 20b in Jita, currently in jita for 29.7 . So let’s call it 20 each.

bump, happy to take offers!

13b for the chelms smartbomb?

tad low, 15.5 is my base on that one.