close please, new thread created


Who are you calling knuckleheads?
I guess we are for sale also.

I’m assuming he’s talking about us
I guess I’m following you out the door.

I do wanna a T3C pilot so I’d offer 51b for PREDAT0R (83mil sp), which should few higher than that u get from extractors.

And 35B for Dirty (61m sp).

Dirty Merc’s 36b

32b for Dirty Merc

not sure if you guys understand an auction,… your going the wrong direction.

Stik Kenpachi high bid on Dirty – 36b
jacky22 high bid on Pred -----------51b

9 bill for sun

Wanna those 2 both.

Dirty for 37B
Pred for 51B

Offer if not be edited, and might change my mind after 11/14 DT.

Dirty Merc’s 38b

guess I’ll bump it

10b sun

I’ll let sun go for 11 if you want to meet in the middle

how long to wait for purchase?

when i get real bids then i will sell

Pred for 50B, have waitted so many days and will withdraw next DT.

SunTzuCsu’s 12B


Its for me? )

you bid the buyout of suntzucsu? if so then its yours