Sold please disregard

Looking to sell this toon: (PREDAT0R's Skillboard || Eve Is ESI || A Third Party Eve Online App)

all rules of ccp character sales will be followed:
toon has positive wallet
toon is free from kill rights
toon in high sec and npc corp

Excellent tengu pilot that can mull about in a hulk when there is no one to shoot at.
born 2015
clone with set of +4s and missile implants
second jump clone empty.
remap available now with 2 bonus remaps
short employment history
99% of injected skills are at 5

buy out is set at 65b. . . . . Just note that all lowballs will be considered bumps (thank you)

55 bill b/o avail till I find a character

top bid of 55b thank you


:yawning_face: Fresh Start?

60 bil BO

62 bil b/o

62.5 b BO

very close

59 billion

63b b/o


65 bil

sorry, I’ve been away, if you still want it its yours

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60bil buy out. isk in hand.

61 bill



to the top

62bil buy out