Looking for a char with as few injected skills as possible. Preferably from before 2010, preferably with a non-stupid name. Will pay good ISK

bump, still looking

Still looking

Still looking

I have two no-name minmatar characters sub 100k sp from 2009. What are you offering?

Minmatar Citizen 135335821’s Skillboard || Eve Is ESI || A Third Party Eve Online App

Has 23 injected skills, might be too much? But its from 2008

I want to ask what is a no-name charater?

Look above your post.

At a time when folks made questionable named characters, CCP would rename them like caldari citizen 1246353544 etc.

10b for one of the nonames. May take the other as well later.

Posting as character.

posting as character.

interested on this character ?

5.1m SP, born in 2009

Do you happen to know if I can rename them afterwards?

I think renaming in this game is not possible

I’m not sure, tbh. I did a quick search and it seems like you may have to petition ccp for a name change, but i dont know what your odds of getting approved would be.

Just to clarify.

Name changing is not a service we provide. Sold characters that have been renamed due to having an offensive or otherwise, not-allowed name will not be granted a rename after the sale has taken place and will forever remain with their generic name, such as: - ccp paragon

thanks for the response. this is disappointing.

Found what I wanted, please close.

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