WTB Renableable Character and other interesting old characters

buying renameable character ((and now after this edit additionally and interesting old characters.)) . low skill point is massively preferred.

EVE mail me


I do not think ‘renameable character’ is an option you can buy via the character bazaar. Not anymore, at least.

According to the rules:


I was curious as well about that. I know many years ago, they renamed a bunch of characters to xxx citizen, but i dont think it had to do with offensive names.

However this is in the violations guideline

Only character names that are deemed as inappropriate are eligible for a possible name change. Names will not be changed for any other reason.
b. Blatantly offensive names created in direct violation of the EVE Online Terms Of Service and the User and Character Name Policy will not be eligible for name change approval under any circumstances.

I thought they did it for idle accounts to basically free u “high value” names that are being camped.

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