I sent you a mail in game.

In game channel: TRO Pub

We would like to have you. We are all casual here, playing when we can. Some of us more than others.

Bhaalgorn capable is a plus and a nestor or guardian alt is yet another plus.

We do require a full, non-expiring api.

Highsec warfare, lowsec and nullsec pvp.

TS3 with a working headset/mic also a requirement.

Send me a mail or convo me if interested.

As always Space Mutts are always happy to welcome new and old players. Feel free to jump on Space Mutts channel and meet some of the troops.

Hey there Kazik,

We’re recruiting to grow/build our Corp in deep NPC Nullsec…

Have a look and get in touch if it seems to match what you’re interested in! We’re adult, casual gamers, and have a low-stress/demand Corporate culture.

All the best,