Null sec corp recruiting EU and US TZ

We’re a null sec corp looking for new team members.

We do all the usual null sec stuff PvE, PvP and industrial stuff.

What we ask…
You’ll be based in null sec and enjoy the good and bad that go with living in a null sec alliance. Daily PvP isn’t mandatory, but a certain level of participation is expected. There are times when it is necessary to protect our space, so it definitely should be something that you can do or want to do.

Who we are…
A down to earth bunch of guys that don’t do drama, just want to enjoy the game.

What we want…
We’re looking for down to earth people that like to be part of a team and that can enjoy the random conversations on TS.
Sense of humour optional.

An API is required for the vetting process, email Limlox in game if you’re interested.

Your post missing two basic info:

  • name of corp
  • where you are stationed


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I know and that isn’t accidental. It’s the same reason I am using an alt.

Thanks for the concern though.

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