[Closed] 2x Vehement BPC and Phython Mine BPO

A nice collector space oddity and some pirate ship BPC

2x Vehement BPC - 70b for the pair
(36b for single)

1x Phyton Mine BPO - 15b
(interested in near offers)

Leave me a message here, drop me an eve mail or find me on Discord #q.rush

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50b for the pair of bpcs

Thanks for your offer, sadly it is a bit too low. I have seen offer of 55 and 58 around already. I’m looking for a bit more.

60 for both

Counterofferd 65b, no sale yet
Any offer 65b for both gets it!

Okay i will take for 65 but in around 2 weeks can u reserve it for me?

Insure can! I will set up a contract for you

Phyton Mine BPO still for sale!


Contract up for 2 weeks

nice thanks

Still selling the Phyton Mine BPO, Vehements are still out on contract

Give me few days :wink:

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Ofcourse, the contract is still live for 11 days. All good

if he backs out i’ll match his offer

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Noted, thank you for your offer

Vehement BPC’s are sold, I will move the Python Mine BPO to my BPO thread

Closed on user request.