WTS Rare items

For sale

  • Rapier with 3 guns 500m
  • Crow with 3 Lows 500m
  • Eos with 5 guns and large Rigs 1b

Located in Low Sec with High connect

Located in High
1000 run rig BPC (large Aux nano pump/cap control/polycarbon) 25m a piece

Legacy stuff here

If these dont sell they Will be refitted!

Looking for a collector wanting some rare items

Fee more days to buy, refitting soon

Generally speaking, they can sell around 1-1.5b ea.

Thanks for your input!

One of the Final bumps

Still waiting,
You talked to me once and never got back after you said you would??

Hi You said you’d be offf for 2 weeks, thought I made You a mail? I’ll check later today!

Yes but I said I would be one daily for mails and sales
It is Ok and I hope all is well
Mail or PM me in game please. I will be on all day .

Pm send

UKnOw has gone silent, if You are still intrested let me know
For now back on sale
Unusual rig BPC 25 a piece
Eos with large Rigs andere extra gun 1b
Other 2 extra slot ships 500m

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