WTS Rare items

(Quentin Rush) #1

For sale

  • Rapier with 3 guns 500m
  • Crow with 3 Lows 500m
  • Eos with 5 guns and large Rigs 1b

Located in Low Sec with High connect

Located in High
1000 run rig BPC (large Aux nano pump/cap control/polycarbon) 25m a piece

[WTB] My buying list
(Quentin Rush) #2

Legacy stuff here

(Quentin Rush) #3

If these dont sell they Will be refitted!

(Quentin Rush) #4

Looking for a collector wanting some rare items

(Quentin Rush) #5

Fee more days to buy, refitting soon

(LLeylar Kiiran) #6

Generally speaking, they can sell around 1-1.5b ea.

(Quentin Rush) #7

Thanks for your input!

(Quentin Rush) #8

One of the Final bumps

(UKn0wWh0) #9

Still waiting,
You talked to me once and never got back after you said you would??

(Quentin Rush) #10

Hi You said you’d be offf for 2 weeks, thought I made You a mail? I’ll check later today!

(UKn0wWh0) #11

Yes but I said I would be one daily for mails and sales
It is Ok and I hope all is well
Mail or PM me in game please. I will be on all day .

(Quentin Rush) #12

Pm send

(Quentin Rush) #13

UKnOw has gone silent, if You are still intrested let me know
For now back on sale
Unusual rig BPC 25 a piece
Eos with large Rigs andere extra gun 1b
Other 2 extra slot ships 500m