CLOSED Interested in a 4m/5m toon or two

Hi, i am pilot in Brave and want one or two characters for high sec duties, not sure of the price.

Considering the war

  • Must have CLEAN zkillboard or no agression to brave Alliance.
  • Miner / explorer desired, but really dont matter.

Budget : around 3b

I am for sale

I have not zkillboard, no kill, and always in beginner corps.

Yes, i am intterested in purchase you for 3b.

I never purchase a pilot before, what i need do ?

I assume you are not using Steam.

Step 1 : Sent to this character 3b in game as “give money” in game, with the reason “character bazaar”

Step 2. sent me an Eve mail with the account you want the character transferred, Must be the name you use in the website or Launcher (your LOGIN name, not your character name). Your account must have one empty slot (two characters used max)

Step 3: I receive both, then i transfer, and ten hours later in rel time you get the pilot in your account

Step 4: Enjoy

I am not in my computer, but can transfer the character in the night if u sent the isk and account name.

Thanks for the answer.

i do as soon i can sell the Plex in my alliance or go to jita to sell there. I update here when i sent the isk and account mail as you want.

If you need 1 more I got some to pick from…I’ll post a couple of the names in here.

Soft Drinkz

Coffee Breaks

Optimuz Prim

Kola Zero

I’ll post with character if you want one :wink:


Hi, i am interested in Kola Zero. Selling this toon because is the only one in my account.

If u begin a new thread, i agree to purchase Kola Zero for 3b, and maybe other toon later when @rural pay me

I am connected now.

disclaimer, I am not the OP.

Lol, i have a love for amarr and gallente characters, and just a moment ago i were to offer for kola zero similar as jasmine do =)

I am interested in purchase Kola Zero and if her is not available, coffe breaks.

Rosslyn, answer please and i sent isk and Account, create another thread if u want.

Hi Im out of time today as Im going to work early tomorrow…I’ll let you know tomorrow after work if Kola Zero was sold or not and make another thread for you with Coffee Breaks if Kola was sold.

Understand, i want purchase cofe breaks then

i just pay for kolazero. Can locate me if need in @eynsane, just sold this character.

@rural i do the transfer one minute ago.

i sent already the 3b and the acount name to coffe breaks and create the thread.

Please update that thread when accepted

Pilot Jasmine received. I go to close the thread and if i need another character in the future go to create a new thread.

Thanks for all the people who look / wrote here

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