FINISHED Private purchase of Coffe breaks

i want purchase that character for the thread :

already sent 3b isk and account name to the pilot.

Just got home from work and will start the process as soon as you let me know the following

I have an unused civilian skill pack worth 1mill sp on this account…would you be interested in me redeeming this against more isk for this character and an updated link to eveskillboard or will you rather just have it as is??

Either way all forum rules apply.

I have positive wallet
in high sec
no kill rights
I will pay transfer fee.

Very Interested. Then the price is up, obviously. COnsidering the month in ISK is around 1200m, is ok if i sent to you 700m more ?

800m and you got a deal…I can’t see the pack as it is unredeemed…it might be 950000sp and not 1m…I cannot remember as it has been a year since I activated the account

I am online. I think 700m is ok, because You are just in the put to put myself an injector and get 500k sp.

800 is too much.

… I can offer 750m if i give u now a large injector, you put the injector, and then i get a character of (4.95m) + 0.5 injector + 1m your civilian pack.

in that way i receive a 6.5m skill points. Ok for you ?

I just tried to google the pack im not sure if its only 750000sp

We can go in between because Im unsure…lets say 725 pr sp - times whatever the pack containes

If agreed I will redeem and post a new link and let you know the amount ??

Well. I agree with that price but …

You must put first my injector, because if you put first the civile pack, i only get 400k instead 500k SP points.

Then i suggest this :

1 ) i contract to you my injector (is in perimeter)
2 ) you put my injector
3 ) You put the civilian pack
4 ) update the skillboard
5) i sent the isk difference, its ok in this way ?

yes…lets do it :slightly_smiling_face:

Injector contracted.

More skillpoints

The pack was 750.000sp and your large skill injector was used as requested before redeeming the pack

Isk outstanding - 543.750.000

I sent you the isk requested.

By the way, the character will go to an account with 2m for redeem =)

Please confirm you received the isk and account name, and the transfer is in progress.

Thans for the business.

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Isk and account name received…transfer started 3/19/2021 3:54:29

And thank you aswell :slightly_smiling_face:

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Pilot received

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