Closed---Please delete

Looking to sell this 14.8 Mil SP Caldari Character.

Born 2013.03.01
14,855,390 SP
Positive Wallet Balance
Sitting in hisec 1.0 Amarr (Emperor Family Academy)
No kill rights

3 total Jump Clones Available (1 clone has full set of Improved implants, another has full set of Basics)

Cybernetics Level 5 trained…(I know you were wondering…)

Click here for skills

Looking for a quick sale, though not for a “firesale” price

In Game Mail to Legato Wynn

This character will of course received isk so that CCP can track the isk inherent in the transaction

Ready to transfer immediately

Auction will end on 10 June at downtime.

Buyout 13B isk or best offer

10b, isk ready

Thank you so much for opening, however we both know that is well below value, especially in this market

It’s the usual start value, nothing uncommon. If you wait there will be someone willing to do 13b though I assume

I am seeing 5m sp toons going for 6B without Cybernetics 5 and a full rack of Improved implants. However, I again thank you for your enthusiasm and wisdom.

If you can sell a 5m SP toon with cyber 5 for more than 5b, please let me know who it is so I can take advantage of that lol

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Take that money and run

10.5 bil

Impi Cass is the current leader with 10.5 B bid, thank you sir

11.5b offered

Thank you for the 11.5B offer, you sir are the current leader

My bid is good for 1h from this post, otherwise it will be withdrawn

@Absolute_Truth I’d hate to see you go, but panic I shall not.

11b then

12B BO ISK READY online now

12.2B B/O

Fuarran is currently in the lead with 12.2B and thank you very much.

Also please note that I have updated my buyout to 13B isk. If anyone would kindly hit that mark I’d be happy to transfer the character today

12.5B BO isk ready online now , i need a quick trans, i will go sleep

what time can you login game?