CLOSED - Time sensitive

WTB low- middle Black Ops Pilot
Hi, maybe you already know me of the forums.

I am interested in purchase WEDNESDAY a black ops pilot , desirable sin or panther.

I am looking for a character between 10m a 50m but with a good character can be a 100m points.

I am interested mainly in :

  • Decent name
  • Desirable to pull lvl 4 missions
  • Desirable good missiles
  • Desirable orca boost implant capable
  • very interested in decent jump power

This toon will be very special to me, because for many real life reasons i need stay out the game / forums next two or three months and can use the time in other things in the game.

Maybe you have an interesting toon for capitals. I am not interested in use of carriers/titans/super . ,maybe interested in a revelation / redeemer / paladin if ths standings are right.

I am not interested in fancy implants. I an pay va little overprie up to 5b if u have the rights skills.

Budget, 0 to 100b.

Please put both eveskillboard and eveboard.

I am out of town now, but i am a reputable trader here, then is a solid operation.

Answer the thread, i am not reading eve mail.

Today BUMP

If u have something with good standings per se, write here.

For the other post

79 / 80 days for panther / sin

Can pull level 4 missions, maybe 5. Have problems with “the scope” and another player NPC for a past in PVP ( before me ), i dont suggest you this char if you are going to PVP (for the razor thin balance allowing you navigate all empire with the current Diplomacy V), no remaps but you can train many in per/will, and for thr budget you say inject two / three months dont look as a problem.

Price i think 6.2 b can be good (4b for base 5m) and 800m por the skill points, and she have implants +5

is in high sec, no kill rights, positive wallet

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Is a deal, i send the isk and account name in some minutes.

Isk received and acc received

Character Transfer Initiated


You have chosen to transfer the character itiniti to the account named ***

We are currently processing this transfer. The character you are transferring will remain on your account, but will not be playable until the transfer automatically completes.

Received, thanks.

I get the orca pilot, now i only need a missioneer or black ops

i still need a blackops

What a mess. I get an excellent char of Emsar and fror accident next day another one make that deal redundant.

Anyway, i will be seeking low points BLOPS until wednesday.

I need the Blops max at wednesday, i go to a special project in work rel life and no much time for eve next three months.

Today bumps.

tomorrow is the last day.

Last day of stay near my home computer in the next weeks. Please sell a blackops if u have. Tomorrow thread closed.

Thread finished. Today is my last day online in forums for work reasons, see you in two or three months

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