WTS 48.5m Blops Pilot panther ready, soon sin


  • positive balance
  • 0 Kill rights ATM
  • Jump Clones around. one with full HG snakes
  • Docked in Jita with +5s, %6s various implants
  • Currently im in my own corp. can change it if we agree…
  • +5 security status
  • good standings with whole empire
  • Remap Available
  • Can almost perfectly fly; covops, svipul, marauders and blops.
  • great gunnery and drone with good infrastructure base skills.

just extraction pays 35b. with implants starting bid of 40b seems fair to me.

1st bump

33B isk is ready。

thanks for free bump but since Estimated Extraction $35,470,818,281. your offer is not valid.

ok 35B.

as i mentioned in the post, with current implants starting bid is 40b. ty.

Character is not eligible to be sold at this time, character must be in a NPC corp at the time and for the entire duration of the sales thread being active, please comply with all the rules of the Character Bazaar.

You may recreate your thread once you have dropped out of your player corp.