[CLOSED] WTA/WTS 2 chars (14m + 7.5m skill points incl. unallocated) with decent names - no corp history

WTA/WTS 2 multipurpose chars with decent names and unallocated skill points!

  1. EarthWater FireWind
    PW: 123789
    13.1m skill points + 900k unallocated skill points
    = 14m skill points

  2. EarthWind FireWater (that’s me :slight_smile: )
    PW: 123789
    6.1m skill points + 1.4m unallocated skill points
    = 7.5m skill points

Starting bid:

4b for each char


10b (EarthWater FireWind)
5b (EarthWind FireWater)

12b if you take both!!!

Reserve: hidden (will be revealed when met)

Auction ends 22 January at 20:00 hrs. Eve time or when buyout is met.

ISK to the char you buy please.
All CCP rules apply.

Both chars are located in Jita,
have positive wallets,
no kill rights,
positive sec-status,

Bonus remaps and yearly remaps available,

Each char has 2 x +4 implants, 1 jump clone with 5x +3 implants and a clean corp history (never joined a corp).

Any questions? Feel free to ask!

Happy bidding :slight_smile:

Confirmed, I’m for sale :slight_smile:

Both chars are still available …

5b for EarthWater FireWind

6b for EarthWind FireWater

Mordret, your offer for “EarthWind FireWater” ist accapted. Please send 6b ISK and the account name to him. Transfer will be startet asap then.

“EarthWater FireWind” (the other char) is still available.

oh my bad sry, I wanted place bid on EarthWater FireWind

Then it is a normal bid for “EarthWater FireWind”. Thx so far. We will see :slight_smile:

I can offer you 7b if we do it right now? what do you think?
for EarthWater FireWind

Make it 8.5b (for 14m skill points an extremly good price) and we can make an instant deal.

Hi, ready to buy out by 12B isk for both

Moin Matard, your offer is accepted :slight_smile:
Send 8b to EarthWater FireWind
and 4b to EarthWind FireWater
and the account names for the transfer.
Transfer will be started asap.
Please keep in mind, that the transfer needs 10 hours due to CCP rules.

Great, will do all points at 0.5 hr, need to reach my computer, will write on fact

Plz visit in-game chat, I’m there, sent you a request

Received 12b ISK and account name. starting the transfer now.

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