SOLD [WTS 5.2M SP Char, moderate pricing]

Handsome guy - EarthWater FireWind

Look here -
Password - 1234

Positive wallet, no kill rights, good sec-status.
Perfect substrate for secondary/discrete alt (general purpose or for any other prospects)…

Now 2 imp’s (+4 pts, for Intelligence & Memory - as it’s prevalent for training) are active.
For perfect buyer - I can install full ordinary imp-kit, at least for +3-4 pts, kinda gratitude from me :wink:
Also if you want - any ship for him below 100M ISK, as a farewell gift (empty one, but it’s better than nothing).

1 jump clone is sleeping, with 5x +3 implants, blank corp record (never joined any) - up to your comfort.
Location - Jita 4-4, as usual.

All CCP rules apply, EULA protection as it is.
3.4B (three and four billion) ISK - B/O price, no need for bidding - tariff is fairly low.
Tax will be paid by me.

Need to make the 3rd char’s slot empty - for new specific experimental alt, now it’s occupied by subj - so here we are - me selling & you - buying :slight_smile:

Please post your replies here, as I used to ignore in-game messaging :frowning:

Have a nice time!

3B B/O

Ok, let’s do it.
Just make an ISK’s transfer to Moin Matard + plz write me an in-game mail.


Hi, nope, that guy keeps silence.
So still opened for sale.

Who’is first - that’s the matter.
Just buy and keep going :wink:

Ready to buy for 3b then

Let’s go.
Make the 3B transfer to Moin Matard. I’m ingame now, at least for several hours, so we can arrange everything.

ISK transferred, account name for the character transfer is *

Hi, got it.
Plz write me an e-mail (ingame), with exact name & acc data (evemail).
Will arrange it now.

Char is sold, all is ok, plz close the issue

transfer received

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