Closed WTS 109 mil SP Pilot

And with all the scams the last few weeks most people are not buying if the transfer is with plex. Too much uncertainty

that’s why i asked.
I’m Aus Tz so if I get out bid at the end please give me time to reply

Well actually willi if you can do it now I will. Send me account info and payment ingame. I will start the process if you would like.

contacted in game. currently waiting for payment.

this fast sell looks suspicious… 90% this is a scam… i’ll monitor, we shall see

I get what you are saying. 100% legit. Just curious if it was a scam aren’t you protected by CCP? Your money just ends up being tied up in a support ticket and will be refunded? I’m just curious how they scam you with this.

yes buyers are 100% protected by CCP. the problem is, the isk will be stucked for a good 2 - 3 weeks, especially now that there are a whole lot of scamming going on…

I’m not trying to get top dollar for it… His offer was fair from other posts that I seen with similar skill points. Instead of trying to be fair for his time zone I just decided to offer it to him now.

Damn that is a long time. But I can’t convince you it’s not a scam.

i hope CCP can take real legal lawsuit against you once caught… this scamming is being overdone.

I guess there are dumb scammers and actors… But I would think my lack of knowledge and if you can see sincerity in my responses. can’t really read people from text.

I see why you would be a little pissed off.

Current bid 98 bil. Still accepting bids.

Don’t fall for this scammer… don’t believe me, try it out yourself

Hey Jack ass im not a scammer… not to mention you are really making it hard with your accusations for me to legitimately sell my character… I will do basically anything you can think of to prove the legitimacy of my sale.

Just because you are butt hurt about being scammed so many times, don’t go barking up every tree yelling scam

I get your cynicism with this but in this case you are 100% wrong

Not going to edit this post but post it again. Skepticism maybe? still in definition of cynicism… What ever goes both ways jack.

As stated 19:00 eve time. Bidding closed. Willi Gates if you still want it’s yours. You have 24 hours to post and send payment and account details. At which time I will close this and not come back until CCP implements something that doesn’t allow for such toxicity in this process.

Also I’m US Central Time Zone to give you an idea of time.

no sale