(CLOSED) WTS 35.3M SP, 2009 Character, Recon V & Gold Pod


35.3M SP 2009 character with permanent gold pod implant.

Highlights include:

  • Recon V
  • All racial cruisers V
  • 3/4 racial frigates V
  • Positive sec status (0.39)
  • 7.3 standing w/ Ministry of War
  • Genolution CA-1 & CA-2 implants
  • Genolution ‘Auroral’ AU-79 permanent gold pod (Collector’s Edition swag, currently ~5b at Jita)
  • Wide range of subcap ships available to fly & fit, including HACs, hictors, logi, recon & Legion
  • Remap available & 2 bonus remaps


  • Positive sec status (0.39)
  • Positive wallet balance (0.01 ISK)
  • Located in Jita 4-4 CNAP
  • In NPC corp, as required
  • Jump clones in NPC stations in Offugen & Simela
  • No kill rights

Starting bid is 28b, character will go to the highest offer posted before 23:59 EVE time on 31st March unless a suitably high b/o offer is agreed before then. If no suitable offers are received, character will be biomassed.

Thank you for your time.

offering 26b

Daily bump. Offers at or above the starting bid only please. Thank you for your interest.


28b cash

Bid accepted, thank you for your interest.
Bidding will close in 5 days. Current high bid is Eva Govlia.

Daily bump.

withdraw offer .

Bump bump. Back to no offers. 3 days to go.

Up we go. 2 more days until biomass.

Last chance now to snag some recon v golden pod action - auction ends tomorrow night!

Down to the last few hours now folks, no interest by midnight and it’s all over for this guy. This is your chance to save a doomed capsuleer!


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