CLOSED: WTS old returning miner/hauler 14,89m SP with another 2,2m unallocated SP

Pilot Skillboard:

This is my first and main character. I am selling it to start fresh with new name.
Mostly good rep with main empires nothing bad or too negative.
No negative wallet.
Cheap Implants
No kill rights.
Has 2,2 million Unallocated SP

Has been skilled for exhuming and resource reprocessing as well as some ammar battlecruiser skills.
This is a good char to use for something specialized such as refining, or go the more general route and spec him to something else thanks to the massive amount of unallocated skill points.
Auction ends on January 1st. Starting price 6b

8b bid.

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Auction is closed. @Patricia_Orama Congratulations, you can send me the money and the account info to make the transfer of the character!

Cool. I will be home in a few hours, will transfer ISK and account name when I get there.

ISK and account name sent.

Character has been sent you should receive him in a few hours. Take good care of him :slight_smile:

Thank you.

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