*CLOSED* WTS Rorqual pilot, 28 m sp


15 bil

18 bil

If it’s still on sale, I’ll quote 22B.

Still on sale indeed.



How about 27 B?

Aiming a bit higher, thx for the bid.

28b isk

30B.Can I trade now?

I can finally raise the price to 31 billion, which is all my savings. If you think it’s acceptable, my ISK will be in place at any time.


How about 32 billion?

Sounds great!

Please send account name and isk and I’ll initiate the transfer.

Thank you.


No isk found jet.

Updating in 6 hours.

ISK and the account that needs to be transferred have been sent to the character you are playing now. Enclosed please find

Correct, transfer completing.

But I didn’t receive your transferred roles or emails.