[Closed] WTT My Ferox for anyone's Drake


(78 Alpha) #1

The location is Ichinumi, in the school.

Trading my Ferox for a Drake

Contract is open public and free for anyone to look at.

(StonerPhReaK) #2

I have hundreds of drakes. Ill contract you one when i log in in about 15 minutes. Merry X-mass @78_Alpha1

(StonerPhReaK) #3

Contract Up

Players Price.

(78 Alpha) #4

Merry Christmas to you too, I’ll have to find a nice gift to thank you in return

(StonerPhReaK) #5

Thanks for the Kicks dude! They go great with my jacket. When they re-open the pleasure hub i can strut around in style.

(system) #6

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