(Vercingetorix) #1

I am for sale.
Feb 2004 toon

Almost perfect Nyx/Aeon pilot + subcaps and support skills.
I reserve the right to cancel.

Positive wallet
No kill rights
5.0 Sec Status
Currently in Jita 4-4 w/ MG Slaves
2 bonus remaps

Starting bid = 150 bil

(No-One You-Know) #2

Password to skillboard?

(Vercingetorix) #3


(Vercingetorix) #4

20m SP in drones, 31.5m in gunnery, 18m in missiles… this toon can do anything.

(Captain Bo) #5

80 bil

(Vercingetorix) #6


(Weak Chicken) #7

95B OK?

(Vercingetorix) #8

Sorry, no. I could strip the toon and get over 130.

(Gattanera) #9

124 bil

(Maizie Fields) #10

130 bil

(Vercingetorix) #11

This could be a great main for someone. It would cost 650bil to inject this toon.

(Vercingetorix) #12

Sale cancelled, please close.

(system) #13

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