Looking to sell this character !

I am amazing, take time to analyse my skills :grinning:
Password: 1234

250k unallocated SP


In NPC Corp
Wallet is positive
sec status is positive
1 Remap available
Character located in Jita 4-4
No Killrights

headhunter nyx (5b)
and many others

excellent gallente dread and carrier/super skills
heavy fighters at V
fighters at V
Capital hybrid turret at V
And so many other skills at V

1 high-grade ascendancy clone in jita 4-4
1 low-grade crystal clone in jita 4-4


Starting Bid: 100b
Reserve: Hidden
Insta Buyout: 125b (reduced)

i’ll pay transfer fee

Daily bump

Daily bump

Daily bump :grin:

Daily bump ! Let’s go ! It’s a good pilot !

daily bump

bid offer 108B, IG mail, need more to leave this char ! let’s go ! i’m online for 2 hours !

Daily Bump

thanks for the bid, but need more to let him go

114.01 billion

Thqnks for bid, 125b and i let him go now !

good luck, consider all my offers retracted. i’m out of this auction…enjoy keeping your char

Daily bump

sale canceled, this char want to stay in his family , bye !

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