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6b offered

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Ill up my bid to 6.25b but it will be withdrawn if not accepted in 10h of this post.

I will not take less than 7bil

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I kind of like her, but with that skill allocation and no remaps - we can make a deal for 6.8b

She has a remap available. Bids under 7bil will be ignored from this point forward. Maybe I should elaborate her skill allocation, She is a stratios/Devoter pilot. she is pvp focused and 50minutes from being able to fly a Devoter.

Edit: for clarity

7bil isk ready

Daiiillyyy Bumpp.

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Daily Bump :slight_smile: looking for a price closer to what shes worth!

7.5B rdy

7.5bil Bid Accepted. Will start transfer once isk and Account name are sent via in game mail.

isk and account name send, thx

Transfer complete, character sold. Thank you.