Coburn has 30m SP with 250k unallocated.


Skill Highlights:

  • Cyno 5
  • Ice Harvesting Drone 5/T2 Lights
  • Decent Production skills, Capital Ship Const 4
  • Good mining/reprocessing skills (5m)
  • Scrapmetal 4
  • Lab/Metallurgy/Research 5
  • Exhumers 5
  • Expedition Frig 5
  • Interceptor 4
  • Transport Ships 4
  • Logistics Frig 4
  • EAS 4

Positive wallet, some +3s, few JCs, etc.

Starting: 24B
BuyOut: 27B

That looks a bit much. I would rather expect a start at 20Bil with a B/O at 25 if someone is looking for that skillset.

Thank you.

22bil here

Still available

23 Bil Bid

Last bump before he gets extracted.
26 billion takes him.

I will go 26


Please provide account info and transfer ISK.

I will be using a CC for the transfer and can do so in the next few hours.


Isk and Account info sent!

You have chosen to transfer the character Coburn Taymor to the account named xyz123.

We are currently processing this transfer. The character you are transferring will remain on your account, but will not be playable until the transfer automatically completes.

Thanks and enjoy!

dude, don’t Doxx someones account info, black that out.

Its changed! No worries there!

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