WTS 37.8m SP Indy/Support Character

Coburn needs to be used as I am not anymore.

He has great mining, production, invention skills with also having some support EWAR and Cyno 5. He has about 400,000 SP unallocated.

Positive Wallet, sec status, and located in high sec.

He will be in NPC corp shortly.

Asking 30.0 Billion


Correct skills link:


offer 24b.

No Thank you.

Skills are still training and on his way to Orca.

Cannot access the skillboard link

The second post has correct link. I found the error after I could not longer edit original post.

Hey buddy, can you do 25B? I am ready with 25B

I can accept 28b.


Newbie just sold 1000plex, got 26b ready, wish to play indy, would you consider? :grin:

Why not!

Send ISK and account info. I can start transfer shortly.

Cool! is sent and account sent via mail.

isk sent

Transfer has started. Enjoy!

Closed due to polite request by OP.