I am looking to buy an older toon with a normal-ish name to turn into my new main.

Skills are of no importance, i would even prioritize lows sp LOW charisma ( meaning you did not remapped character from it’s old 3 charisma points :joy:

SO - to recap

Toons only 4-12 month in year 2006

Normal-ish as: you-did-not-mashed-buttons-randomly or threaten-insult-someone-by-name.

Minimal SP preferred, as low charisma as it goes ( i loved old bloodlines )

Employed at either your own private corp, or NPC school ( later preferred )

Positive sec status ( with empires/concord )
Positive wallet ( +1 isk )

Will respond to topic in EU TMZ CET.

Link to skill board would be nice.

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