logi pilot with zero experience seeking training with small group of fun guys

Hi folks I will try to keep it brief…

about me

51 yo very slow thinking and reactions (sorry)
Live in UK. “ALL” TZs considered, varies - a lot. Im trying to get into a good sleep routine so am aiming to be all done by midnight (eve)
piss poor pvp skills, 2/10 at best
HOWEVER I Love and am eager to learn more pvp!!! in fact that is my Focus and has been for a while.
I Had enough of Missions, PI and Mining ages ago.
cant multitask to save my life.
for example I often forget to overheat, deploy drones etc.
Love to natter on comms. The social aspect is v important to me, perhaps the most important.
Been playing on and off since 2010. Forget Everything I learn, and I dont even know, what I dont know.

the important bits.

In a moment of madness I decided to commit to training THREE characters on separate accounts in Logistics.
I have 3x Logistics Level 4, Mastery 4+ Guardian Pilots I want to put to use, well only one of them for now because of my multitasking limitations as mentioned above.
Yes I am mad but sometimes I make rash decisions and stick with them.
I dont know much about logi either!, Never flown one!. Cant Afford One! Just Some YouTube, just thought it may be a ‘good thing to train for the future’ Future is now. And just maybe I will be more productive doing this. Who knows, laugh all you want.
I know it may be a big ask for such an ‘investment’ in my skills, but thought i would put it out there as its time to act.
I Have been committed to this training for sometime now, a few recent skill injectors helped a bit.

My main has trained so many ships even to level 5 across three races, that I have not even sat in yet.
I need to unleash the demon within me. Dare you stand by and watch?


Im looking for a “Smallish” Established Social PVP Group
Very Patient Instruction, taking some time out to learn, rather than straight in and on the job.
Sense of Humour, mature etc.
If you care about your killboard then I may not be for you??

Although i love to dabble with whoreholes and cloaky stuff, I require a ceo stamped exemption certificate from repeated scanning duties - too slow at it, bored and cant stand it tbh. I prefer to Visit Wormholes rather than live in them.
otherwise open to new ideas and opportunities. HS, LS, FW and even WH Diving & any other stuff considered. Havent tried any of the new trigravy stuff yet.

If i mite be a fit with your group or U have questions then by all means send me an “in game email” please, i promise to read any i might receive. Im not in any rush and would require voice chats to talk it over if you are interested.
Expect to be interviewed as much as you would me.
Next Move Must Be The Right Move So Will Take My Time.

thanks for reading


Principessa Puttana

I think a null alliance with strong SRP options and even some classes would be a big pull for you but maybe WH space is where you’re looking. You’ve discounted a lot of recruiters out there with

“NO ALLIANCES & NO NULL SEC & NO LARGE FLEETS sorry non negotiable”

I’ve got old guys 60~ in my corp we’ve never had an issue.

Hope you find what you’re looking for though. Here is a free bump

How dare you stop by and not mention us, Milli! :frowning:

Probably would be a great fit for us. On most small gang brawls we have 1 person 3 or 4 boxing guardians or basilisks, or just have everybody with 1 alt in a logistics cruiser. Triple boxing logistics is really easy once you get the hang of it.

Prime time is 20:00 - 02:00.

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