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ill take:

Equite I BPO 10/20 250m
Gram I BPO 10/20 250m
Locust I BPO 10/20 250m
Satyr I BPO 10/20 250m
Station Warehouse BPO 10/20 - 70mil
Networked Sensor Array BPO 10/20 - 700mil

Contract up

Networked sensor Array is 10/14 in the contract. Retracted.

It was advertised as 10/14.

nice try =) i looked it up a few minutes ago and it was 10/20. nvm i am not interested

I’ll take one of each RAM component and one of each Subcap Construction Component. Also an Einherji 1 please :slight_smile:

I’d like to take one of each Subcap Construction Components, a Drone Bay and one of each Fuel Blocks BPOs for 1,75b.

Contract up.

Cap Drone Bay was sold overnight.

Electric Worry had 1st dibs on Subcap Con Comps as per above. 18 as available + Full Set Fuel Blocks.

Contract up.

Accepted. thanks

up we go

bump it up

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