WTS Component BPOs

(Opus's Slave) #1

Selling my spares that don’t fit in a complete set. Some of them are not 10|20. Offer prices in mail. I’m selling them in bulk, not onesies-twosies. I will deal.

(Arestes) #2

I’ll take them all excluding the Drone Bays.

Drop me a mail (as I won’t be able to login for a few hours) with your best offer.


(Taraas Enko) #3


(Opus's Slave) #4


(Aldarich Hemah) #5

How much for a 10/18 Doomsday and 10/18 Jump Bridge Array

(Opus's Slave) #6


(Viktor Mikowsky) #7

Doomsday and Jump Bridge Array 1 each price?

(Opus's Slave) #8

x5 Drone Bays sold! Remainder is still for sale.

(DeepSpaceBart) #9

Send me a message with your best price for 2 doomsday 10/18 BPOs please

(Opus's Slave) #10

Stock updated!

(Opus's Slave) #11


(Opus's Slave) #12


(Opus's Slave) #13


(N2IHC) #14

Send quote for armor plates and construction parts BPOs.

(system) #15

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