Angel’s Hex - Machariel --------- (~1.4b in Jita)
Guristas - Moa ----------------------- (~8m in Jita)
Raata Sunset - Ferox ---------- (~600m in Jita)
Steel Cardinal - Jackdaw ---- (~280m in Jita)

Clone in Jita:

Ocular filter - Improved ---------------------- (~100m in Jita)
Memory augmentation - Improved ------ (~100m in Jita)
Neural boost - Improved ------------------- (~100m in Jita)
Cybernetic Subprocessor Improved — (~100m in Jita)

The character is currently docked in Jita in its learning clone. The ‘Set Home Station’ timer is up, so you can change your home station remotely.

At the time I’ve decided to sell this character, it’s already in an NPC corp.

Starting bid 5b.

Auction will go to highest bidder or the first to hit 13b which is a bargain with the SKINs and implants.

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6 bil

6b is the current bid for this 14m PVP character. No PM’s received yet.


Bump. 6.5 bil current offer for this 14m SP PVP pilot.

Daily bump.

Up we go. Higher and higher.

This character will go to the highest bidder, even if it’s 6.5b. I’d love to sell it for more…

I apologize for I must retract my bid as I have acquired what I was looking for already. Hopefully this is an opportunity for you to continue selling your character and get more for it. Good luck!

Okay current bid is 6b.

7 bil

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