SOLD...Please Close Thread Pass: 1234

  • Located in Jita, no killrights, positive wallet, positive sec status and 2 Remaps available.
  • Perfect Mining Yield.
  • JDC V.
  • Level V PANIC.
  • T2 Indy core.
  • A lot of extra skillbooks injected already.
  • Cybernetics V and full set of +5 Learning Implants.
  • High Grade Ascendancy Set (Minus Omega) with both 5% Blueprint Research and 5% Blueprint Copy Implants.

Standard sale rules and I pay for transfer.

Note: It takes 60 injectors to get a character to 25m SP (49.4b @ 824m/injector)

Starting Bid: 24b
BO: 32b


24B isk ready

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Bid Noted. Thanks for getting things started.

25B isk

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Thanks for the bid.

25.5 b

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Bid noted. Keep them coming. This character must go.

what about the sell? i need one rorq character today

I’m willing to bargain on a buyout price, but this pilot is a perfect rorq pilot. Make me a good offer and I will sell.

i ll buy a roqual pilot today so… if i find another rorq pilot i ll retreat my offert. ur choise.

I’m in no rush to sell, so I will wait for a good price. Good luck in your search.

Still for sale. Current high bid is 25.5b. Auction will close in 24 hours.

26B …



Auction will conclude in 2 hours when I get back from work. Let’s stick to the standard 500m increments. Current high bid is Fred with 26.5b.

27.B …



The Auction Has Now Closed. Velkoz King has the highest bid, 28b. Please send isk and account info by evemail and I will begin transfer.