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In Curse there are plenty of things Alphas can do killing MTUs, scanning for abandoned drones, hacking, wormhole digging, or just get a pvp ship and fight whatever you meet.

There are security and mining agents. You have already mentioned security, but I should add that there are some ridiculously easy L3 and L4 Missions like Cargo Delivery, Recon, Striking Down Two Flies With One Swing. The mining missions are pretty simple, you just get a Venture and mine there and hope nobody pops you. For a Venture you should go primarily for Gas Harvesting, because Mining mission will spawn belt rats. Some gas missions spawn drones too.

I like doing burners because

  1. You don’t have to spam dscan like an idiot.
  2. you do not lose any faction standings.
  3. You only need to kill 1-3 rat to complete the mission.

Caldari Alphas are best for running burners since they had access to Caldari Navy Hookbill, the magic ship with 5 mids for ecm and decent damage, though other races can still do burners less efficiently.

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in fact you have to say that the ecm hookbill is only able to do teamburners. its slow but doable.

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Destroyer doing L4’s? Really?

Show fit!

It must take forever to take out a BS, and I would say you’ve never done any hard L4s.

A Gnosis might work as well? What have you been smoking?


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