I am for sale! Located in Amarr VIII (Oris) – EFA station – 40.1m SP toon, trained with a solid focus on market trading and freight hauling. Many other PvE & PvP skillbooks have been injected, with racial ships through to Battleship, for future diversity.

EveSkillboard link

• Capitals: Advanced Spaceship Command at V
• Navigation: All skills at V bar MJD Operation. Includes Jump Drive Calibration & Operation, and Jump Fuel Conservation V
• Shields: Shield Compensation skills at V
• Social: Connections, Diplomacy, Distribution Connections, Negotiation & Social at V
• Ships: Gallente Freighter V, with Jump Freighter V in training.

• Standings: Amarr Empire 10.0, Ammatar Mandate 9.08 and Caldari State 7.24
• Implants: all Improved (+5) implants slots 1-5, Warp Speed Bonus 15%, Inertia Modifier -5%
• 135k unallocated SP
• 2x Highsec Jump Clones
• 2x neural remap + 1x standard available now

Wallet balance = 0; no kill rights; ISK to me please

All normal CCP rules apply & abided by
Auction will run for 1 week, or until successful Buyout
Starting bid: 32 billion ISK
Buyout: will consider serious offers

off forum private sale ?

Don’t mind where the business is conducted, so long as the ISK is legit and comes to this toon.

Just pinged you an EVEmail in-game.

Daily bump (at a respectable social distance :smiley:)

Day 3 bump

Know you have a starting bid higher… Anyways. I’ll throw a 32b bid in. If you decide down the road you’ll take it, mail me.

All good - other guy bailed after I turned down his preference to ‘transfer’ USD rather than ISK.

32bn accepted and winning bid atm - Day 4.

Day 5 bump.

Winning bid sits with PieBaker at 32bn.

2 days to run.

Day 6 bump.

Winning bid sits with PieBaker at 32bn.

1 day to run.

Last Day Bump - and last calls.

Highest bid currently at 32bn. If nothing further comes in by 23:59 EVE time tonight, this toon goes to Pie Baker.

All done at 32bn.

Please send funds to this toon and let me know which account you’d like it sent to - then I’ll initiaite the transfer.

No response - first offer of 32bn gets this toon today.

Bump - still up for sale

27 bil, serious offer with isk ready

It’s worth more than that to extract!

alright, buh bye then… good luck waiting

Bump - no aspiring JF pilots out there, looking for perfect trading skills?

I want to buy this char, but i dont have enough isk for that char. Can u extract all except trading skill and sell me char only with trading skills and cybernetrics lvl5?
Ty in advance