Attractive character with a great name!! She’s perfect for every day life in wormhole, as well as carebearing it up either in nulsec or hsec. She’s less then a month away from a Paladin, and well on her way to a carrier of your choice.

Character Sheet:

what you’ll get

+4 Implants
+2 Remaps available

Starting bid: 25bil
B/O bid: 30bil

i’ll start you off with 24 bil once you drop into npc corp and disclose all the things needed :slight_smile:

toon is worth 26.3 b from extraction u want 40 lmfao

If you don’t want to bid 40bil then don’t, it’s merely a cap for bidding. Not everyone buys toons to extract skills.

25.5 bil

26 bil

B/O has changed to 30 bil. Looking for more then what I personally could extract and sell myself.

28b ISK ready

Thanks for the bids guys, I’ve decided to keep her and am going to be removing her from the market.

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