Selling this amazing 192m Sub-cap/Dread all rounder with Virtually max out Pre-cursor and Edencom skills

Precursor and EDENCOM specialist

There is 1.6m free SP to use at your desire

Extremely Positve killboard Neyth Kashada | Character | zKillboard

4.9 Sec status

Character is NPC and located in JITA ready to roll.

150B asking price

Neyth Kashada I’ll start the bidding at 112B

119b offer

Thanks for the offers- however this not an auction.

I’m looking for an offer much closer to the asking price.


120B offer

121b offer

122B offer

123b offer

124B offer

125b offer I think it’s interesting

126B offer

127b offer

128B offer

129b offer

130B offer

Looking for offers ober 150b-

Around all day for a quick transfer

Asking price is 150b- anyone who matches the price gets the sale @Petrus_Minutor @Abbott_Wendy

Daily bumb

Bump again

closed- decided not to sell