WTS PVP 192m SP all Rounder- Prescurser/Edencom Specialist- *Asking Price reduced*

Selling this amazing 192m Sub-cap/Dread all rounder with Virtually max out Pre-cursor and Edencom skills

Precursor and EDENCOM specialist


There is 1.6m free SP to use at your desire

Extremely Positve killboard Neyth Kashada | Character | zKillboard

4.9 Sec status

Character is NPC and located in JITA ready to roll.

135b asking price- reduced for quick sale

110 B offer

130b offer in game received
Anyone that can offer over 130b gets a sale or revert to ingame offer

In-game message sent

Character sold to Petrus Minutor- subject to isk transfer.

In game offer accepted. Isk sent. Account details will follow in 10 hours.

Thank you for the deal.

Isk received. With thanks

Account info sent.

Received- account info
Transfer commenced


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