47.6m SP porpoise/orca/Rorqual and noctis pilot
+4’s and mining foreman mindlink implanted clone,
2 remaps…
Location - jita
Corp - Noob
positive wallet
no kill rights
(Quantum Anomaly)
still currently training. few injected untrained skills.
bidding will start at 40B
B/O undisclosed.
If B/O price is not achived the character will remain untill then.


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Still for sale…

ill offer 30 since i hate the name lol

31b offer


declined. no where near…


still for sale

In auctions, a buyout is the price that if accepted by the bidder, immediately ends the auction. Typically this is a very high price.

The way you are describing it, you say if you dont hit the buyout, you will not sell. That’s not how auctions work. I am sure you are doing this to try and get more than the number you have in mind for a buyout, but thats simply not how auctions work. Here’s a solution to your strategy:

What you want to do in this case is have your starting bid at the “buyout” you have in mind. Thats the minimum you are willing to accept, duh. So why waste your and everyone else’s time from hidding this. From there, your actual buyout should be something very high, like twice the price for example. A buyout is a “■■■■ it” price essentially, which some people may see value in paying.

Peace out, but enjoy the bump!

I’ve played since early 2000… thank you for your input. I think I know how auctions work… no I dont have to disclose the buy out price… there is no strat. I’m setting the bar to stop idiot’s and lowball figures. if a resonable offer is made above the starting price it may be considered unless someone comes in with a price that matches or atleast comes close to the B/O. in real terms this would be called a reserve price. not all auctions reveal the reserve.

Yes, that would be the reserve price.

Best of luck


bump .

32b offered


33b offered

declined, sorry. please read above for any chance as I’ve now over 46m sp and skills for up to EDENCOM cruiser and training gunnery subs for wepons, flys smart bombing mach.