WTA 2005 291M +7.3M unallocated SP Sub-Cap


Perfect Sub-Cap (lvl5 perfection).

2005, 291M SP + 7.3 Unallocated

Bidding Starting at 300B, no buyout set.

Positive Wallet
No Killrights
Located in Jitta or near (High-Sec)
Auction Ends at 23.59 July 26, 2019.


Bump - ~46h remaining

oh juses, so expensive

290 bil

300B isk

12H remaning

305B ISK

306B isk

Seems like the auction time is up.
Please confirm and I will send isk and account info.


Sorry, The auction is off, i wanted close to 350B, i will try again in a few weeks.

Yeah that’s not how an auction works.
You defined a starting bid and a very specific auction end date and as such are expected to honor the auction results, you can’t just decide the auction is off as you’re essentially just wasting everyone’s time


You should follow the rules.


I agree with you. It is really annoying when people say “Auction” when they should be saying “WTS @ Price X” but in an auction it is not uncommon to have a reserve price, although he did not mention one. You also can’t force him to sell anything, so while it is rude v0v what can ya do.

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Sad to see sellers like this one acting so poorly… bad experience for everyone involved

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Well, I now have less faith in auctions here.

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From the official bazaar rules: Welcome to the Character Bazaar

Agreements on the forums or in game, or winning an auction does not guarantee a character will be transferred to you. The seller may choose to renege on a deal at any time, prior to the transaction being completed.

There is and has never been any formal agreement when it comes to selling a character that it MUST be sold because they called it an auction and the time limit was met.

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It’s not against the rules, just as much as Jita local scamming is not against the rules. It’s just bad manners and a crappy way of acting in a place of (digital) business.

Not really, as in any auction, virtual or real, there is such a thing as a reserve price which the seller might choose not to disclose.

As for bad manners… depends from the point of view. Personally i find lowballing very distasteful ( especially when its justified by incorrect claims and followed by bad language when the offer is refused ), and some of the posters here are heavily doing it, but i would not call that bad manners. Its a game.


Thank you for the kind words, I understand you would want to buy this toon at a certain price, however, I do need to be ok with the price also.
I did not disclose the buyout/reserve price.
I also specifically put an auction since it is a very unique character.
It`s unique in so many ways (perfect level5 on any subcap, any race, any type of gun).
It has to make sense for me to part with it.
Hope these clear things out.

You did not specify a reserve price but you also did not specify that a reserve price even existed, which made buyers assume you will honor the auction results. You even went so far as to state a starting bid, which most use it as the absolute lowest they would accept.
Because of the above assumption I withdrew my bids from similar unique characters and was left with nothing, with no warning that this might happen due to said reserve price.
So again, you just ended up wasting everyone’s time and also miss on other fine toons.

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