I offer the following for sale

Ion Blaster Cannon 130bil
astarte 10/16 450bil

avatar bpo 8/10 75bil
azbel 25bil 7/12
athanor 7bil 7/12
tatara 46bil 6/10

Ill take the quake medium please contract to Red Fall

please contract both to me

68bil for quake s, if I win, please contract it to this char

contract up

You just contracted it to both my characters and then cancelled :confused:

I was literally just moving isk

Contract accepted, thank you.

Accepted, thanks!

Do you also own the Null or did that sell?


Ion Blaster Cannon

450bil astarte and blaster
ingame offer 420bil

Ok contract me the Astarte for 350 please.

contract up

I’offer astarte&blaster 450bil
if not already sold


thank you for the offer
I accepted the 350 astarte
I will wait until evening for him to accept the contract
drink the correct


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ll take the blaster for the extra 100bil as well if 450 is still valid. be on in 10mins

I’m sorry, there is a bigger offer for the blaster separately

lol ok thanks.


So what’s the current bid on the blaster

Offering 145bil

Barrage S
Barrage M

OR if you want to honor the 450bil package deal, I’ll take the blaster for 100bil