(Suloze) #1

x2 P343554’s Drone Damage Amplifier 10.5 b each SOLD
x1 Cormak’s Damage Control 33 b
x2 Chelm’s Heat Sink 4.8b each SOLD
price upd

(Humboldt MacDaddy) #2

I offer 10b for a dda

(Rizing Tide) #3

4Bil offer for a heat sink

(Suloze) #4

11 and it’s yours

(Suloze) #5

I don’t think i let it go less than 4.8b. It’s the top Heat sink…

(Suloze) #6

price upd

(Rizing Tide) #7

i got more isk together now. I’ll do 4.8B for the other heatsink just contract it to me. Thanks

(Humboldt MacDaddy) #8

10 and ill take the dda!

free bump otherwise

(Suloze) #9

contract is up

(Suloze) #10

To the top

(Suloze) #11

price update

(Suloze) #12

up again

(system) #13

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