Cormack's set

Not sure i want to sell, but will consider serious offers, lowballers will be ignored, no trade windows, private contracts only IF i get an offer i cant refuse! Will be located in jita 4-4.

Set sell only, will not part for any reason.


How much for the heat sink alone?

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how much for rest ie not with the heat sink ?? eve mail me plz

40b offered for the set

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how much for the Adapive nano membrane

40b lol, nice lowball, and Lucas, it says WILL NOT separate. :slight_smile: all or nothing

I know why you don’t want to seperate them but for buyer its hard because who needs all separat resi mods on a fitting. If there would be at least 1 or 2 more adative nano in that package and lesser single resi crap I would throw a ton of money in your direction.

I offer 100 Billion ISK

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