thx for the kind offers from all of you, see you in space o7

Howdy, we might fit the bill here in Providence. We are diverse group and have Cubans, Peruvians, Yanks, French Canadians, Aussies, Norwegians, and looking to expand all our TZ.

Half an hour after our chat, i had your ceo on the line, was pretty funny. :smiley:

Weekend bump, will decide a week before june.

Hehehe, good bugger just following up on me. Fly safe!

You ever think about wormholing? :smiley: o7 hit up Its_Stunt on discord or Eonallus Johnson in game :slight_smile: were a very casual wormhole group of tightknit members who love to shoot ■■■■ and crab in a C4 - C5/C2. I would love to chat withcha

No sir, i just left a 5/5 corp and if i would ever go back in wspace it would be most likely the same group again.
If they would take me back that is, which i assume would be the case since i left on my own accord / good terms.

Gotcha gotcha